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(6 Mar,2015)
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Chengdu Introduction
In China, Chengdu is the only single city that has not changed its name or relocated its site for over 2000 years.

Chengdu is China
s China because the city has never changed, or put it another way. Its essence of Chinese culture has never changed. At a time when the whole world is riding the massive waves towards modernity, the city of Chengdu has most richly and vividly preserved and developed the positive values of its traditions.

Though as a cosmopolitan metropolis, Chengdu has a clearly-defined and appealing modern face, and every bit of its flavors, life experience, sentiment, pace and landscape are uniquely traditional. Its Sichuan cuisine, Sichuan opera, teahouse, and its leisure, easiness and graciousness are a culture most strongly inherited on the grassroots level.

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