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(6 Mar,2015)
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"Day Trip to Xian"

  • Clients:
  • Nationality:
  • Guide: Hellen
My Husband & I recently visited Xian for a day trip from Beijing, we were put onto Lily's Private Tours by some people whom we met along our travels who had recommended them. Well we were not disappointed as our Air Tickets to & from Beijing and the tour were all done through phone calls very professionally. From the time we were picked up from our Hotel to the Airport and back again everything was taken care of for us, Hellen Liu even helped get our tickets organized rather than us stand in the queue for ages, which made it a lot quicker, and as it was a very long day for us to have this all done was much appreciated & less headaches for us!! Hellen Liu was so professional and spoke very good English and gave us a lot of History as we visited the Terracotta Warriors, the City Wall and the Muslim Quarters. We would not hesitate to recommend Hellen Liu and Lily's Private Tours in the future to family & friends. Well Done & Thanks so much.


"Great day with Snow"

  • Clients:
  • Nationality:
  • Guide: Snow
We (myself and my 2 daughters, 14, and 16) took a one day tour with Snow, starting at 7:30am to get to the Terracotta warriors before it was too crowded and to minimize the time in the heat. Snow, who has excellent English, provided an engaging historical background that was a perfect introduction. She also was very informative in responding to a wide range of questions and had a good sense of humor.
Snow took us to a good local restaurant that was the best value we have had so far in China.
We then went to the Han Yangling Mausoleum and to the Big Goose Pagoda.


"One day tour of tombs in X'ian"

  • Clients:
  • Nationality:
  • Guide: Lily
In May 2014, I volunteered to set up a 1 day tour of X'ian for a group of business coworkers who were in Beijing for about 8 days. We had to do the X'ian trip in 1 day. I found Lily on Tripadvisor. Our group's preference was to spend more time at fewer sites, rather then trying to hit 4 or 5 locations in X'ian. Lily was flexible in her approach, very communicative by email, and ultimately helped us settle on visiting two locations: the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi and the Terracotta Warrior's Museum. It was exactly the more in-depth sort of sightseeing our group wanted.

Lily gave us a fantastic guided tour. By having several hours at each site, we could spend quite a bit of time understanding the history of each site. She began every segment by sitting us down, classroom style (see photo). We also had the opportunity to ask her a lot of questions, frequently getting into depth on esoteric subjects, and found her very knowledgeable.

A few other features to recommend Lily:
- She set up our flights (7am outbound, 9pm return), even at a very late date. She had to deal with one of our flights being canceled. Ultimately, we got a back and forth from Beijing in 1 day without a hitch.
- She returned emails promptly and provided all the information we needed for logistics.

I highly recommend booking with Lily.

/s/ Martin


"Amazing Xian"

  • Clients:
  • Nationality:
  • Guide: Snow
I took a one day tour with Snow and I can honestly say that the tour was really good. It was definitely well worth it & I would honestly recommend this tour to anyone. Snow was brilliant, she was very helpful & I also enjoyed her company very much. Her knowledge of the historical sites in Xian is impressive & you will learn a lot. The transport is very comfortable & Snow will introduce you to all the really good areas in Xian. The last leg of the tour was excellent, as we got to walk the old wall in Xian. This is not to be missed and is a highlight of the trip. All in all, the tour is well balanced, with visits to the Terracotta Warriors & the old Xian Wall. It is a definite must. You wont regret it.

"Great tour, great guide."

  • Clients:
  • Nationality:
  • Guide: Michael
This June, me and 3 of my girlfriends visited China for the first time.
I chose the services of this private guide company based on the testimonials of other tourists that have chosen her services.
I shouldn't say I was impressed by the way everything was organized, because based on what I have read about her, I was hoping everything would be as described - 5 stars all around -, but I really was impressed by it. We were also very impressed by Michael's (the tour guide) knowledge of history and facts. The trip to the Terracotta Army and the Shananxi History Museum was fun and informative at the same time. We enjoyed it very much, as well as the out of topic conversations that were also informative and pleasant.
The guide spoke very well english, he was helpful, friendly and pleasant. Thank you very much and good luck with the football.

"Terracotta Warriors and City Wall"

This one day tour was an amazing day. Our tour guide was Michael and he was fantastic. The knowledge that Michael shared with us about the history of these absolutely amazing terracotta warriors was incredible, even if you are not a history buff, this is one of the best tours I've ever been on.
I have a greater appreciating of this place and would recommend anyone coming to China, not to miss a few days in Xian especially to see this site. You will not be disappointed.
Michael tailored this tour to suit us. Not only did we have the morning at the terracotta warriors but had lunch in a local and traditional China restaurant away from the tourist places, so very reasonable price and great food.
On the road trip back to the city we were talking about how much my friend an I loved tea so Michael stopped at a tea house on the way and we tasted and brought some local tea, which was a bonus.
Once back to the city we did the bike ride tour around the city wall which was another highlight, it was a beautiful day and a great way to see the afternoon out.
He also took us to the muslin quarter where the drum tower is located near by. My friend and I stayed in a hotel close to here, so we had seen these the day before, also worth visiting.
This tour company is highly recommended and Michael spoke English quite well so understood everything he had to tell us. This is well worth the money and I can't stress that enough as you need someone to tell you about the history in this area. Fabulous and Fantastic.


"Xian wall by bike."

  • Clients:
  • Nationality:
  • Guide: Michael
Michael Chang is an absolute gem of a tour guide. He managed to get our two less-than-enthusiastic child cyclists to get on a bicycle and peddle around the Xi'an wall and enjoy it (and learn something too - but they don't know that). The bicycle tour on the Xi'an wall really is a must and don't be put off if you haven't ridden in a few years (decades). Tandem bikes are available and the top of the wall is very easy to traverse, taking more than1hr, especially if you are taking photos and experiencing life inside and outside the walls. Michael was patient, kind and very approachable. Our daughters found him easy to talk to and charming, which is good because our youngest is quite reserved and shy, but Michael made her feel at ease and answered her questions about Xi'an. Followed by a game of "badminton" (played with a larger shuttlecock and using your feet or hands) in the park with some locals joining in, we explored the lovely park on the outside of the wall. We then walked to a Taoist Temple. The Temple was a quiet oasis after the noise and crowds of the streets we had walked through. After a nice noodle lunch at a local (and very popular!) restaurant, Michael escorted us through a local shopping centre and took us back to our hotel via the local bus service (don't be put off from using the local bus service, we had no problems, everyone was keen to give up seats for our girls and it wasn't too crowded). At all times Michael was attentive to our needs and safety, whilst giving us a running commentary on everything from history to local customs, religion, politics, business and even his personal life. For a half-day tour, we packed in a lot, so if you do this tour, wear good comfortable walking shoes, hat (in summer) and water.

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