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Peony Festival
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(6 Mar,2015)
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Peony Festival

Originally as Luoyang Peony Fair, Peony Culture Festival of Luoyang, China is listed into the national nonmaterial cultural heritage list. In 1983, the festival began. In November 2010, it is renamed as “Peony Culture Festival of Luoyang, China” and jointly hosted by Ministry of Culture and People’s Government of Henan Province. During the 20 days of peony flowers blossoming, all the people in the city are living the sweetness of the flowers. You are greatly welcomed to visit here if you are coming to Luoyang in March or April.



Time: Apr.5th-May.5th
 Address: Luoyang

Shenzhou Peony Garden and Wangcheng Park:
              April 1-8: 40 RMB each;
              April 9-25: 50 RMB each;
              April 26-May 15: 40 RMB each;
National Garden of China:
              April 1-8: 40 RMB each;
              April 9-25: 50 RMB each;
              April 26-May 5: 40 RMB each;
Relic Botanic Garden of Sui and Tang Dynasty:
             April 1-8: 20 RMB each;
             April 9-25: 40 RMB each;
             April 26-May 5: 40 RMB each;
National Peony Garden:
        April 9-30: 50 RMB each;
             May 1-May 5: 40 RMB each;
International Peony Garden:
            April 9-May 3: 50 RMB each;
            May 4-May 5: 20 RMB each;
Luoyang Peony Garden and Luoyang National Peony Garden:
            April 9-30: 40 RMB each;
            May 1-May 5: 20 RMB each

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