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Peony Festival
Cherry Festival
Xian Food Tour
(6 Mar,2015)
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Cherry Festival

Located on Leyouyuan, north of Tielumiao Village, southeastern of Xian, Qinglong Temple is a great temple well known to the world. Initially built during the reign of Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty (in 52), the temple was named as Linggan Temple originally. In the second year of Tang Jinglong (711), the temple was renamed as Qinglong Temple. As one of the famous Buddhism temples in Tang Dynasty, Qinglong Temple is the sacred temple in the heart of Japanese. During the reign of Ping’an Dynasty in Japan, large amount of Japanese monks came to China for Buddhism, among whom the most famous one is Kong Hai. He studied the Buddhism tantra culture and the Chinese culture. He was very learned and had great achievements in Buddhism texts, poems, Sanskrit, calligraphy, etc.. After he went back to Japan in 806, he brought with himself with a mount of Buddhism classics and other books. He built the Japanese Esoteric Buddhism -  Shingon Buddhism in Todai-ji Temple, Nara, Japan. In 1982, people built the “Kong Hai Memorial” in Qinglong temple.
In 1986, over one thousand cherry trees were brought in the Qinglong Temple from Japan. Since then, cherry flowers blossom in the garden every March and April, attracting tons of domestic and overseas tourists.  

Activity: the cherry flowers begin to blossom in late March and early April. In the middle and late of the April, the flowers are in the boom, during which there is appreciation activity for cherry paintings.
Entrance ticket: 16 RMB each during the cherry blossom. 

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