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(6 Mar,2015)
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Beijing, Luoyang & Xian 6-day Tour

  • Tour code: BLX-01
  • Available: Daily
  • Duration: 6 days.
  • Starts/ends: On Your Request.
  • Attractions: Please check the day by day itinerary next:.
No booking fees!
  • Day by Day Itinerary
  • Tour Price
  • Inclusion/Exclusion
  • Notes
Itinerary Details

Day 1: Beijing Tour
: Mutianyu Great Wall Summer Palace Olympic Stadium
Hotel pick up around 8:30am~9:00am
We will drive to Mutianyu Great Wall (1,5 to 2 hours drive). This is one of the most famous
and ideal sections of the Great Wall. You will have your choice of taking the cable car or chair
lift up the breathtaking wall and spend a leisurely 1 to 2 hours hiking up and down the various
sections exploring the Watch Towers and marveling at the construction and beauty of the
renown and legendary Wall. You then have the option of an exhilarating toboggan ride back
down or simply return the way you came.

Lunch at a nice local restaurant or by your request at your own cost.
We then take a 20 minute drive to the Summer Palace, a summer resort for Imperial Family Member --considered the best preserved Imperial Park.

After a short 30 minute drive, we will pass by the Olympic Stadium on the way back to hotel and have a chance to take a picture of the unique architecture of the “Bird Nest” and “Water Cube”.

Hotel drop off after the tour around 6:00pm.
Options:(At Your Own Cost)
You may choose to include a Perking Roast Duck dinner and the Gongfu Show at the Red Theatre, or an Acrobatic Show at Chaoyang Theatre. Please notify us if would like to take advantage of this special, exciting addition.
Day 2 Beijing tour: Ti’anmen SquareForbidden CityTemple of Heaven Hutongs
Hotel pick up around 8:30am~9:00am
We will have a view of Tian’anmen Square, the world’s largest public square and explore the sites around the square with opportunities to take some amazing pictures.

The magnificent Forbidden City, the largest Imperial Palace in the world, is our next sight. We’ll spend a couple of hours wandering around this amazing example of Imperial architecture and learning about the history of the palace.

Lunch at a nice local restaurant or by your request at your own cost.
Temple of Heaven, the largest Imperial place of worship from ancient times, is a nice sight to view. This special place becomes a park where the local community utilize this beautiful and enormous space for social activities such as singing, dancing, and Taiji practice. 

After that, we will spend some time visiting the hutong(old residential area)where the transport change into rickshaw. The 30min rickshaw tour stops at a local family where the traveller can get an insight of the home settings and life of traditional Beijingers.

Drop off at your hotel at the tour end around 6:00pm.
Day 3  Beijing to Luoyang by bullet train
Our Beijing driver will pick you up at your hotel and Beijing West Railway Station drop off
to catch the high speed train to Luoyang.

Luoyang Longmen Train Station pick up upon your arrival by our local Luoyang driver and
hotel drop off.

Free time the rest of the day
Day 4  Luoyang Tour:  Longmen Grottoes /Caves→ Shaolin Temple

Hotel pick up in the early morning. Xian North Railway Station drop off to catch the high 
speed train to Luoyang, which will take one hour and half to get to Luoyang. Greeted by 
our local tour representative in Luoyang Longmen Train Station to start our day tour.

Today our first historical sight is the impressive Longmen Grottoes /Caves. The grottoes 
and niches of Longmen contains the largest and most impressive collection of Chinese 
art of the late Northern Wei and Tang Dynasties (316-907). These works, entirely devoted 
to the Buddhist religion, represent the high point of Chinese stone carving.

Lunch at a nice local restaurant or by your request at your own cost. 

After lunch, we will visit Shaolin Temple, which is reputed to be“the Number One Temple 
under Heaven”. Shaolin Temple and its Pagoda Forest were inscribed as a UNESCO World 
Heritage Site in 2010 as part of the "Historic Monuments of Dengfeng." Dating back 1,500 
years, Shaolin Temple is the main temple of the Shaolin school of Buddhism to this day. It 
does have a long tradition of Chinese martial arts, as the saying goes “all martial arts(gongfu)
are from Shaolin.” You can have a view of Martial Art there. The martial art performance is 
included in the entrance fee. You could take this advantage to appreciate real Chinese 
martialarts in this tour, which is also the highlight of this tour.

Luoyang Longmen Train Station drop off to catch the high speed train to Xian.
Xian North Railway Station pick up by our Xian local driver and hotel  drop off.
Day 5: Terracotta Warriors Museum →Traditional Cave Dwelling→ City Wall
hotel pick up around 9:00am
We will leave for a visit to the Terracotta Warriors Museum, which is the Eighth Wonder of the
World, the biggest on-the-site museum in China with thousands of Terracotta Warriors and
Horses made by ancient Chinese more than 2,000 years ago. You surely will be impressed
by the magnificent formation.

When you finish your visit of the Museum, we will head to the Traditional Cave Dwelling --the best preserved old house where modern farmers still live in.You can have a zero contact with local customs.

Lunch at a nice local restaurant or by your request at your own cost.
After lunch, we will spend a while on the top of the City Wall, standing in Xi’an and protecting it for about 600 years, the City Wall is the best preserved and most complete wall that has survived through China’s long history. It is about 12 meters high, 12 to 14 meters wide across the top and 15 to 18 meters thick at the bottom. The entire circumference is about 13.7 kilometers. You will be allowed to take a walk or take a gold car to go around this old but well preserved wall for one hour and a half. This will be quite a fun experience.

Drop off at your hotel at the tour end around 6:00pm.
Optional evening activity:
Tang Dynasty Dinner Show : The Dinner Show in the Shaanxi Grand Opera House, which is the most traditional dumpling banquet and the Tang dynasty show, the dinner will be the most traditional dumplings ,and this dumpling banquet contains some 16 courses of the different shaped dumplings with very different fillings inside, some will be made in the shape of a chicken, which indicates the fillings inside will be chicken meat, some will be made like a duck, meaning the filling is duck, so it will be an interesting and cultural eating experience. For the show, it's called the Tang dynasty show, it’s known to all that Tang dynasty is the most prosperous and glorious society in the Chinese history, which is called the golden age, so this show fully shows the prosperity of the Tang empire in the field of the imperial life ,the art, religion ,music and so on by the means of graceful dancing and singing. From this show, you will see how beautiful and colorful costume in the Tang dynasty is, and how elegant the dance is.
Day 6:  Hanyangling Museum→ Big Wild Goose Pagoda → Bell and Drum Tower →Muslim
Quarter→Great Mosque

Hilton hotel pick up around 10:00am
In the morning, we'll go to visit the Hangyangling Museum, which is also called “JingDi’s Tomb”. It is located near the airport about 30km north of Xian City. This is a burial sight for Emperor Jingdi and his wife Empress Wangzhi. This tomb could be dated back to 2,100 years ago. It is the only underground museum in China.

Lunch at a nice local restaurant or by your request at your own cost.
After lunch we will drive to visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda . This is a Tang Dynasty Buddhism temple dated back to 1,300 years ago. You gonna learn historical facts and enjoy interesting stories here.

Driving to the downtown of the old Xian city after the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, we will have a view of Bell and Drum Tower, Muslim Quarter and Great Mosque. The Bell Tower and Drum Tower are the symbols of Xi’an as they were built in the very center of the city about 600 years ago. Muslim Quarter is to the north of the Drum Tower, which boats various local snacks and special souvenirs. You will absolutely have a fantastic time here.

Hotel drop off at the tour end around 6:00pm.
No booking fees!
No booking fees!
No booking fees!
No booking fees!

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