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Tang Dynasty Dinner Show
Peony Festival
Cherry Festival
Xian Food Tour
(6 Mar,2015)
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Why Choose Us?
Unlike other travel agencies, we are Xi’an local tour experts and we specialize in organizing private tours in our region. It means that you will get the facts about your chosen destinations from real local people who know best of the places where they are living.
Savvy travelers know quality tours do not have to be expensive. It is the time to spend wisely and shop for value. If you prefer to travel with professional support and service while looking for reasonable prices, you have just found the right place. Our Lily Xian Private Tours team can make this happen.
What Service Do We Provide?
* You will enjoy private transfer throughout your trip unless otherwise agreed upon.
* All vans arranged by Lilyxianprivatetours are expected to be clean, safe and air-conditioned.
* We arrange domestic China flights (incl. Hong Kong, Macau, Tibet) as well as international flights upon request.
Tour Guide & Driver
* Well dressed and non-smoking
* Different tour guides will receive you at airports, train stations, piers or hotels holding a greeting board with your name on it. All the guides are promised to have excellent language and communication skills.
* Drivers are prohibited from chatting, smoking or phoning when driving.
Land Tours
* Your private tour will depart on any date at your convenience. It is exclusive for you and no strangers are allowed to join you. There’s no limit on the number of people in your group. (The cost would be more expensive if you travel alone, so it’s better to invite more friends to join you).
* Your tour will follow your heart. You are free to travel at your own pace and flexible to choose any additional stops.
* Your tour guide will double check the itinerary with you on receiving, so if there is any difference we can make a quick adjustment.
* Additional charges may happen only if you decide to do something not included in the itinerary.
* We make arrangement with a wide selection of hotels, from budget to luxurious, botique to chain brands, to meet every client's needs. All hotels are promised to be clean, secure and comfortable.
Normally we offer two meals (breakfast & lunch) every day. Unless otherwise requested, the dinner is left to yourself as an opportunity for a little food adventure.
* Breakfasts usually are served at the hotel where you stay. It can be in western style, Chinese style, or a combination depending on your hotel.
* Lunch is a la carte at local restaurants whenever possible, usually local Chinese food is served with sanitation guaranteed. Please note in some remote countryside regions it’s simply hard to arrange a decent a la carte meal, so lunch may be at a local family or tourist restaurant as you decide.
* Your tour guide will help you make the order as waiters’ English at local restaurants do varies.
* Please tell Lily and your tour guide in advance if you have any specific requirements regarding meals.
Normally we provide “no shopping” tours. If you do have interest in some local products, please tell your guide, who may suggest some local stores with best quality but not that ridiculous price.
At the end of tour, you will be given service evaluation card, which includes everything in your trip. Your authentic evaluation will be appreciated because we really want to improve our service. Of course you may also contact with Lily for any complaints or dissatisfaction at any time during your trip.
Your comfort and safety are our absolute priority all the time.
In case of any emergency, the following phone contacts are available.
Police: 110    Fire: 119    Hospital: 120    Traffic: 122
You Can Always Contact Us At:
* LilySun mobile phone (0086)18629295068 in 24 hours.
* Lily Xian Private Tours office: +86 29 85428005 (Work time: 09:00-18:00; Beijing Time)
* Email: lilyprivatetours@hotmail.com
Remember, you are not traveling alone. Lily and her team is always with you just a call away. Please call Lily at any time when you need help and you are promised an instant response.
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